Monday, September 16, 2013

Oh my there's dragons in Georgia.

It's been awhile since I have posted. I wasn't feeling up to par for a couple weeks. I have lupus and sometimes it starts to flare. The aches and pains come and go from time to time, but at times it's almost unbearable. I just keep positive and keep moving. My poor Kit has RA and we have learned to just keep active and it helps keep them at bay.

Nova (our beloved furry female kid) had an incident a few weeks back. Nova has had this thing with bikes ever since a little boy tried to intentionally run her over. Kit was running with Nova and she decided to jump out at a poor unsuspecting biker. The biker was not injured and stopped to ask if Nova was okay. She seemed shaken at first, but upon further inspection I saw that she had chipped her tooth and when I took her to the vet we found out it was two teeth. Our poor girl has been in a lot of pain, but on antibiotics to stop any infection. Nova is scheduled for surgery on Thursday to perform root canals on her two k-9 teeth that were broken, one is almost completely gone and has the root exposed. If you want to keep up with Nova and her recovery, please feel free to follow her and our other fur babies on facebook.

Poor Nova resting.
The last few weeks have been hectic, but Kit and I have been staying active. We bought ourselves bikes and have the perfect place to ride them. We love riding and feeling the breeze on our faces. It makes me feel like a kid again to ride, plus it's great exercise. In doing some research we have also found a great hiking spot less than ten miles away from us and may have overlooked it altogether if Nova hadn't been injured, since they don't allow dogs. The Sawnee Mountain Preserve is a mile and a half steep climb to the top and the vantage point at the top is unbelievable. It is well worth the climb and we have been a few times and plan on going back tonight with a picnic dinner. Kit and I just sit and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us, it is just so peaceful and quiet up there. This has become one of my favorite spots and I love looking out and connecting with nature.

This past weekend we went to a Dragon boat festival. It was so much fun to see all the different cultures that were there. There were some Indian dancers that were just amazing and I couldn't stop photographing them. Then watching the dragon boats racing across the water was nice too, seeing them paddling and working as a team to make it to the finish line. I was impressed, on one of the boats there were men and women probably in their 60's. Then at the opening ceremony there were dragons, dancers, and fireworks. They even had a flower ceremony at the end for cancer survivors. I highly suggest you check out your area for festivals that may be going on in your neck of the woods.

Until next time,