Friday, August 22, 2014

A few bumps along the way.

I was used to walking two to three miles a day with my pups and my hubby and enjoying the beauty that is Florida. Then one day I struggled to just make it around the block while walking the pups, but I pushed through as I know they need their exercise. The pain started in my calf, moved to my hip, and now my lower back. I continued to push myself every morning to walk my normal route, but would get home and have to sit in order to relieve the pain. After much encouragement from Kit, I went to see the doctor and she thinks it may be Avascular Necrosis which is caused by the loss of the blood supply to the hip bone.I have Antiphospholipid Syndrome due to the lupus, that could be a cause.  The doctor said it happens with lupus patients. I will need an MRI to confirm what damage has been done to the hip and then I may need a hip replacement. I am hoping to avoid surgery if I can.

 Another issue caused by lupus and hypothyroidism is Peripheral Neuropathy and I have been dealing with this in my right hand for years. The pain in my hand and in my leg wakes me up almost every night and just recently realized it is due to the lupus as well. The most recent flare has been one of the worst, but I am slowly feeling more like my old self again. When you are used to a certain amount of activity and all of sudden you can't move, it can be a bit depressing. I have even set aside my camera for awhile, but picked it back up today and feeling a renewed spirit. I will post more photos soon.

Until next time,