Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Exploring the area

We had a lot of fun exploring this last week. Monday morning I went down to a sunflower farm that is just down the road. I had fun snapping so many photos of my favorite flower.

 It was a real thrill to try and capture their beauty. I spent probably a good hour just walking around trying to find the best perspective.

 Of course I had to purchase some to take home with me as well and after walking the dogs the next morning I noticed how the sun was shining through the trees on them and took a few more photos. 

Then this weekend Kit and I decided to check out another one of my loves, covered bridges. There is a Poole's Mill covered bridge not even ten miles from where we are staying. This bridge is a very old bridge and not in the best condition. The land once belonged to a Cherokee Chief. 
The area is gorgeous and we really enjoyed ourselves. I of course had to get a few pictures of the bridge. It is an old rickety bridge. The graffiti on this bridge is just sad and there are a lot of recent defacing of the bridge. 

A lot of people were having fun sliding down the rocks in the water. We plan on going back and doing the same. It looked like a lot of fun. Hopefully Kit will share some of his photos, he got some good ones.

Yesterday we took the bigger dogs back to Amicalola Falls. My little dachshund Ninja is slowing down a bit and we felt it would be best to leave him home. I have even noticed a little graying on his little ears in the past few weeks. We really enjoyed our walk up the falls and we both took a lot of photos. 

It is such a peaceful and beautiful area.  We plan on going back up to the Appalachian trails and even staying over night some time. It was interesting to see the dogs reaction to the falls. Nova was in awe and I was fortunate enough to catch her wonder. 
The pups made it up 174 steps and metal steps at that. They were not real thrilled with the stairs, but they did well. Instead of making the pups go back down the stairs, we decided to take a path through the woods to make our descent.  
Kit and I both love the great outdoors and are finally where we want to be in life. I have so many photos from our adventures already. I think that we get so caught up in life that we actually let life slip away. Remember to make time for your self and step away from all that is holding you back and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. 

Until next time keep smiling,