Friday, July 26, 2013

I am hooked....

Kit and I went fishing last night and had so much fun, at least for awhile. I find it tranquil and relaxing to fish and throw the line in the water.

I have always enjoyed fishing ever since my Daddy would take me as a child. I love the thrill of the fight to get the fish in. I was fishing for Carp last night, but instead I caught a nice size turtle, poor thing had the hook stuck in his mouth. I was able to pick him up out of the water hoping not to have my hand bit in the process. I felt so bad for the little guy or girl.

Once freed, I put him back in the water and decided to change to a lure and go for bass or something that wouldn't attract my little friend. I pulled out my little cricket lure that I have had luck with in the past and had it tied on really well when I noticed I had my favorite shirt hooked. I was perturbed at this point and try as I might I couldn't get it loose. I was pretty mad and poor Kit thought I was mad at him.

 I got back to our little cabin and took off my shirt. I got the first set of tri hooks loose, but while working on loosening the second set I hooked my ring finger on my left hand. Oh my gosh it hurt and Kit immediately tugged hard on it to get it out, but to no avail. I pulled as hard as I could, but with no luck. My gosh the pain was intense and I have a high pain tolerance level. I ended up having to cut my favorite shirt anyways and if I had in the first place all the pain could have been completely avoided.

I had no choice, but to go to the hospital. When I was checked into triage my blood pressure was 190/88. They took me right back and the staff was so nice. The Physicians Assistant proceeded to numb my finger and I had to wait for it to take affect. Once the PA came back in, he cut away the other hooks and before I knew it, the hook was out. I only felt a slight tug and was so happy to have it out. Today my finger is still numb and I didn't realize how much one finger being injured can affect typing.

I have learned my lesson, once hooked cut the darn shirt. I put poor Kit through so much, he was so sweet and so worried. I don't ever want to go through hooking myself ever again.

Lesson learned,