Saturday, July 26, 2014

Homebase = Florida

After living for eighteen years in the Atlanta suburbs, Kat and I have officially changed our home base to Tampa Florida.  It was sort of a rocky road and not the most desirable route to get to our new location.  Long before we reached the decision to become full time RVers, I had been seeking work in Florida, but the opportunity never really presented itself.  It was our original desire to travel the United States and be able to travel to our grandchildren, but life can so drastically change overnight.  My brother's illness and passing brought us to Florida, but news from our daughter is keeping us there, for the present, anyway.  She and her family, residing near Seattle, Washington are moving to Hawaii.  Therefore, she and our grandkids will no longer be practically accessible by a land based RV.  That is not all terrible; I do not think we will really mind flying to Hawaii a couple times a year, but it definitely altered our goals.
Life is always an uncertain path, but we may as well enjoy it along the way.

In the meantime, I have attained employment in Tampa and we have found a really nice place to park our Dutchman.  And so begins our love affair with the state of Florida.  In Georgia, we had to travel hours to visit places of beauty and we did.  We relocated to Cumming, GA to be near the North Georgia Mountains and we experienced most of the beauty, Georgia had to offer.  But now that we are in Florida, unique places of beauty are only 10 minutes away in whatever direction.  As a photographer, Kat, is lost in wonderland so standby for a long series of subtropical paradise postings.

Finding time to reflect.  Hillborough river

These are just a sampling, some within walking distance of the camper.

Cypress Knees in the golden hour of the afternoon

Some neighbors foraging for lunch right outside our camper

Thank for taking the time to read my rambles, hopefully Kat's Photography makes it worthwhile.

See you on the trail,


More photos: Hillsborough River Watershed