Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We Have Reentered the Fray

It has taken several months of grieving and soul searching, Kat and I have  decided to, return to our blog.  No doubt, we went through a rough patch with my brothers illness and passing, along with an unplanned relocation and need to find a replacement income.  But, through all of that, we have survived and come out on top.

Our strategy changed,  as well as our overall plans (we are now full time RVer's  that are also full time Florida residents.  Kat has continuously taken pictures, while I commuted every week from Tampa to Atlanta.  I am finally free of that cycle, now working in Tampa.  Our kids are being transferred to Hawaii, so our need to travel the west coast is gone.  We are very happy to focus on Florida for a while.

So standby for a barrage of postings full of Florida's stunning beauty.

Until later, happy trails.