Sunday, June 9, 2013

Initital Destination - Decided

Well it is finalized.  We will be leaving our stick built house on the weekend of July 1.  The timing is right for us.  It is just prior to the 4th of July Travel menagerie.  The hard part was to determine exactly where we would park for the remainder of the year.  It is really quite a big decision.  I will still be working my day job in mid-town Atlanta, so it has to be in a reasonable place for commuting.  Currently, I utilize the GRTA Xpress bus from Conyers to Atlanta.  So, I was seeking a place that I could do something similar, but be in a place of beauty.  Conyers is ok, but not exactly picturesque. We looked at a few promising places.  Each of them having pros and cons.

  • There are a few state parks, but they are just outside the range of reasonable daily travel.
  • We checked out a park in Marietta.  It was very convenient to Atlanta, but it was more like a parking lot than an RV park ... not something we want to start out with.  Somewhere like that may be alright for a couple of days, but not for an extended time.
  • Acworth has a small RV park by Lake Allatoona right be the marina.  It was nice enough, but it was really mixed use.  There could potentially be large crowds during holidays and there were some pretty seedy mobile home parks nearby.  So, it would work in a pinch, but not ideal.
  •  Stone Mountain has 2 RV parks.  Stone Mountain Park has a premium campsite.  However, the price is also premium.  It is not a place that we could save much money (which is a huge part of our goal).  The other park in Stone Mountain is Stone Mountain Heights.  This is a very large mobile home/RV Park with large lots, laundry and a pool.  It is also very reasonably priced at $500/month.  This seemed like it would be the choice ... but, then we took a trip to Cumming.
  • Twin Lakes RV Park - Cumming, GA.  This location has some high appeal as it is on the edge of the North Georgia mountains.  The autumn changes in North Georgia are stunning, plus, being north of Atlanta, the heat of summer should be less severe.  There is also a GRTA Xpress bus nearby.  The downsides of this park are: No laundry facility, no showers/bathrooms, no internet.  It is more expensive than some of the other options.  But there are some very interesting perks: 2 onsite well stocked fishing lakes; A huge outdoor activity center.  Walking trails, athletic fields, Nature Trails through protected wetlands and most importantly a dog park.  

Now, having the dog park nearby is a huge factor.  We really love walking and running with our dogs.  But they really need some time to romp and play with each other.  Then there is just the absolute beauty of this location.

This tree is stunning by the water between the reservoirs.

 Kat taking pics by the lake.
Neighbor welcoming us

Breakwall and reflection

Now some photos from Fowler Park.

One of the many boardwalks.

Climbing vine example

Boardwalk in weltland

Me being artsy

The excitement is growing for us.  We have much to do between now and the end of the month.  But the next step of our journey is coming up very fast.

Until next time ... Kit