Friday, June 21, 2013

The Kitties are flying out tomorrow

We have two cats, Misty and Hank. Misty was adopted about 12 years ago and she is now 14. I was looking for our lost dog at the time and made a trip to the pound. Misty was in with the dogs, a little white kitty sitting off in a cage all by herself and she was meowing like crazy. I instantly was drawn in by her pretty blue eyes and her sad cry for help. I asked if I could adopt her and they told me I would have to wait three days and so I went back bright and early on the third day to rescue her.She has been a big part of our family ever since. We found out she was deaf at her first checkup with our vet.  We have almost lost her a couple of times, once she got lost under our house and my husband had to climb under the house to get her. The second was a house fire we had and after throwing her out, she had gone back in unbeknownst to me. A fireman brought her out and she was barely breathing, so this great big fireman gave my tiny kitty oxygen. She was alright after a few minutes and breathing on her own.

Hank we believe is around six years old. My daughter and I decided to go looking for another kitty for her. When Josalyn first laid eyes on Hank, he reached out of the cage at her and drew us in with his big orange eyes. Hank is a strange cat, he will jump from the floor into Josalyn's arms and sometimes into mine. He is a very loving cat and will curl up on our laps, even if we don't want him to. He is a persistent little booger. Hank is also quite a little hunter, he has brought me live bats, toads, frogs, birds, shrews, and some dead critters too, most recently I found a dead chipmunk. Our neighbors said that their pond used to be full of frogs, but now the population has dwindled.

With this move into our RV, I had to make the hard decision to give the cats to my daughter. My daughter is eager to get them and have them to cuddle on. The reason we made this decision is because it wouldn't be fair to the cats to put them in such a confined small space and Hank would surely get out. We would have to worry for his safety and to be honest there's not enough space for a cat box in our cabin. Alex, my sweet son in law is in for a lot of fun, Misty can be quite challenging at times. Alex would do anything for Josalyn though. I just hope that Alex will still talk to me after he gets the cats. May the force be with you dear son, you will need it.

I will miss the cats, but don't think that my honey will. I think he is secretly smiling behind my back. Kit is not as enamored with the cats as I am. This is probably the hardest part of our move for me, I will miss my "sweet" cats.