Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kitties are safe and sound and happy and we are three days from leaving.

The kitties made it safe and sound to Washington State. They are in the loving arms of my daughter and her sweet family. Misty was comfortable and relaxed, where as Hank was a little freaked out when my daughter picked them up from the airport.

My daughter tried to coax them out of their cages once they had them home, but no amount of coaxing worked so she had to resort to the dump method. Once dumped Hank went into hiding in the covered cat box, but my daughter took away that hiding spot as well. Poor Hank was a little freaked out to say the least. The following morning Hank was nowhere to be found and after much hunting my daughter found him under her bed. During this time, Misty was adjusting to her new surroundings and laying on top of stuff my daughter was going to sell. Misty is like that, she will lay wherever you don't want her too.

Hank and Misty are both still avoiding the kids, at least that's what I heard last. When the kids go to bed they venture into the living room. They have been around the grand babies before, so I have every confidence they will once again adjust. My daughter has kept me up to date on their progress and she is spoiling loving on them. I know they are in the best hands possible and it makes me happy to know it has made my daughter so happy to have them.

We are almost done emptying the house of stuff (junk mostly) that we are giving away. I feel bad for Kit, he comes home from work and then we work on the house until we are both exhausted. I don't know what I would do without my honey and his muscles. Oh and don't ask me how he got the cut on his forehead, he should know better than to talk back to me, hehe.

We have much to do in the next three days in preparation for Saturday. We have the front patio to clear off yet, clearing out all the closets which only have a few things left in them, packaging up a couple big packages to go to my daughter, taking out the trash, giving away the last few items we are not taking with us, folding up  our neighbor's tables and taking them back to them, cleaning out the last food items in our pantry, cleaning up the laundry room, and last but not least sweeping out the garage.

I miss picking up my camera these last few days, I think it may be getting dusty. My time with my precious will come and then I will deluge you all in photos.

Until next time,