Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rain doesn't dampen our fun

It has been raining here almost every day since we have been here. The 4th of July it was pouring, but we were still in good spirits.  We have had wet dog smell in the house for the past week and a half, but it seems to have let up for now. We bought some rain slickers and took the dogs to the park this past weekend. We were tired of the rain holding us back from exploring.

We do have a tropical storm headed our way in the next few days, but for now we will enjoy the bright sunshine.

 Last night Ninja (my little squirt) jumped in the water after someone's lure thinking he could catch it. I was a little worried because my little fatty can't swim, fortunately he listened to me and got out of the water. I felt bad because the lady left and we disturbed her fishing, I don't think she was very happy with us. I hope to apologize next time I see her out there fishing and to keep little Ninja away from her.

On my morning walks with the pups, I have seen all sorts of birds, dragonflies, and fish. This morning I saw a 3 foot carp close to the shore. One day soon I need to put my pole in the water. This afternoon I took the pups for a very nice walk out to Willow (my name for the beautiful Willow tree).

I am looking forward to our afternoon walk in the park with Kit and the pups.

Until next time,