Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We are having so much fun!!

We had so much to wrap up on Saturday at our stick house before we handed over the keys. We finally got on the road and the pups seemed super excited. It was about an hour drive to get to our destination and then we got there it took about an hour to set up.

We put the pups out on their tie outs and proceeded to clear up a pathway to walk in our cabin. We let the pups in the cabin and relaxed for a few. Later that night Kit was diligently setting up our outdoor kitchen and organizing everything. I worked on getting the bathroom set up, then the kitchen. I was exhausted and didn't get everything done in the house on the first night there and Kit and I went to bed exhausted.

The first full day of being full timers was Sunday and oh what a glorious day it was. We still have way too much stuff and had to find a storage unit for our excess. Some of the stuff we have in storage is seasonal, our winter clothes and such. I do have quite a bit I want to send to my daughter yet, but was too busy to get it sent, so she has some stuff in there too. I will be weeding out some of my photography props and such, but I will save that for another day. We plan on getting a camper shell in the next month or so and then we will keep our excess in the back of our truck. We took the dogs to the dog park and they loved it. At the lake in the park we are staying in I found a little green tree frog and showed Kit, he was such a cool little frog. I proceeded to put him back, he turned his head and looked at me and jumped on my face, he stuck there for a moment. It would have been a hilarious event to catch on video tape. I screamed at first, but then afterwards I was laughing so hard.

Monday Kit had to work, so I worked around the house and walked the dogs as needed. Then in the evening we decided to take them back to the dog park even though it was a bit wet. They had fun and we decided to walk the path afterwards. We came to this big empty lacrosse field and decided to let the dogs play and they had so much fun. Nova and Zorro love to wrestle and play and they were doing great until Nova (our huntress) caught sight of a bird and took after it. We called for her to stop, but she was so focused and kept running and running. When she ran into some brush, I thought we would lose her and never see her again. Nova is my girl and my daughter (my sweet sunshine) and I worked really hard to save her when she was a pup and had Parvo. Needless to say we didn't get much sleep that first week we brought her home. We had to give Nova fluids under her skin and it was not an easy task. Nova is the sweetest dog and thanks us in her own way all the time. Nova also has a wild side and loves to hunt.

We stood there trying to coax her out of the brush and I think Nova became confused how to get up to us. While trying to call to her I stepped on a red ant mound and had probably 50 ants on me. I hate red ants and their bites. Gosh I was in agony and trying to brush them off me. Kit told me to go to the car, but even in agony I couldn't leave my girl. Ninja went in after her as well and we had to tell him to get out of the brush. Kit had to actually go in after her and carry her back up through thorns and who knows what else. I was really worried at this point that he might get bitten by a snake. Kit is my hero since I couldn't do much at that point. I guess not all adventures are fun.

When we got back to the cabin I took some benadryl and took a shower. My ankles were so swollen and in pain, so I went to bed early. It could have been so much worse, so I am thankful that we didn't lose Nova and Kit didn't get bitten. We were so focused on getting Nova out of the brush that we could have stepped on a rattle snake.

I will include some photos of the beauty that surrounds us and of our pups. It was a trying day yesterday, but just one of those things that can happen when you have a dog that gets so focused. Kit is going to train her to listen better, so hopefully something like that doesn't happen again. It will take awhile to get her trained enough for me to feel comfortable letting her go.

Until next time,


Our sweet escape artist Nova

Someone we met at the dog park, she just loves her pup.

making friends

It's not camping until you have roasted marshmallows.

Our camp site. 

Running with Kit. 

I thought this was cute, a couple sitting in the swing next to the lake. I hope I can find them to share this photo with them. 

Four happy tails