Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Time well spent

We have been having so much fun exploring our area with the pups. We went out this past weekend to a different part of the park. The boardwalks are endless and the area we explored was even more wild and overgrown.

Our pups are enjoying all the new smells and new areas. It is fun to see their excitement and energy.
Sometimes we even come across wildlife on our hikes and the pups get even more excited.
Don't move little bunny or my pups will see you. 
Sunday we went fishing and relaxed for a better part of the day, it was so nice to finally have a break from the rain and actually sit back and fish.

I of course could not resist sitting there and snapping a few photos of all the beauty that surrounds us. The different varieties of dragonflies is amazing. 

I also came across a sweet little green friend who honored me with his presence for a few minutes. He sat on my blanket for a few and allowed me to pick him up. I didn't hold him for long because I was afraid of hurting him. 
There are 100's of these little green tree frogs in the trees here and I love it when we walk the dogs at night and they make their music.

While fishing yesterday, my hubby called me over to see the coolest turtle, not sure what kind he is, but I wouldn't get too close.  He is now our mascot and I enjoyed watching him eat some bread that I threw in the water. 
I remember the excitement that I felt as a kid when I would play outside in the woods and I feel the same now. I am loving being back in nature and exploring our gorgeous area. 

We are currently upgrading some things in our RV. We bought a new bed, since we missed our old memory foam mattress and we are both sleeping so much better. Kit installed a new shower head and it is so much nicer. We have been slowly upgrading our space and buying things to organize our small space. It is really nice to be free of all the clutter and stuff that was holding us back. 

Until next time,